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You're called the Gay Ball Society. Does this mean I have to be gay to join?

Hell no. We do give a shit who you are or what you are into. Gay, straight, trans, tall, short, white, black it doesn't matter.  Everybody is equal in the GBS.

Why is it called the Gay Ball Society if you don't have to be gay?

The biggest reason is that the name made us giggle. We take things very lightly and feel the name reflects that. It is also important for us that the name shows that this is a safe place for the LGBTQ community.

What does "Social first sports" really mean?

It means fun!!!!!! Our goal with every league is to make sure everyone can have fun in any league regardless of ability, experience or general interest in the actual sport being played. We started playing sports to meet other people and mix it up from the regular bar scene. We strive to deliver that experience with every league we run.

What the fuck is Gym Class? Do I need any prerequisites for enrolment?

Hell no you don't need any prerequisites, you don't even need arms. Gym Class is our summer league. Teams rotate between playing kickball, ultimate frisbee, and a third activity that is always yet to be determined.

Where, when and how much?

That depends on the league. Check out our  leagues page to get the details of each.

Can I drink alcohol while playing a sport?

Alcohol inside the schools is strictly prohibited. Alcohol in city parks is against the rules, but we recommend you check out our Hanky Code for more information.

I love ribbons!

That is not a question but since we also love ribbons I will forgive you. This is why everybody gets one no matter what place they finish.

I am on the waitlist. What are the chances I get a spot in the league?

That depends on the league and when you got on it. Don't give up we often add people from the list. People drop out from injuries and schedule changes and sometimes we have to repopulate teams. If you don't get off the waitlist and into the league we will notify you with the registration details for the next season of that sport when they are set.

Why don't you just add more space?

Permits can be expensive and hard to get. We try our best to get enough permitted time for the leagues but sometimes our standards get in the way. We won't comprise the quality of our league in order to increase capacity. If a playing surface doesn't meet our standards we won't rent. Sometimes that means less players in a league.

Why Dodgeball?

Have you scene the movie? It is a simple game that anyone can play and is very hard to take too seriously.

How did the GBS start?

Drunk at a party like so many good nights/bad mornings.  Apparently Mark was also the result of being drunk at a party (thanks mom.)

Is Hawt Teach single?

He is not real so no but I am sure he would find you attractive if he was.

Did somebody really ask the question above?

No. We just got bored of more serious questions

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